Open Ethics Transparency Protocol


The Open Ethics Transparency Protocol (OETP) is brought as a solution to increase transparency of products and services of the IT sector. The introduction of the protocol targets enabling the concept of Ethical Operations (EthOps) where every Automated Decision-Making system (ADM) can disclose its data collection and data processing practice as Open Data in a standardized format.

Open Ethics Transparency Protocol

The protocol supports ethical disclosure of ADMs and provides facilities for:

  • Informed consumer choices : End-users able to make informed choices based on their own ethical preferences and ADM disclosure.
  • Industrial scale monitoring : Discovery of best and worst practices within market verticals, technology stacks, and product value offerings.
  • Legally-agnostic guidelines : Suggestions for developers and product-owners, formulated in factual language, which are legally-agnostic and could be easily transformed into product requirements and safeguards.
  • Iterative improvement : Digital products, specifically, the ones powered by artificial intelligence could receive a nearly real-time feedback on how their performance and ethical posture could be improved to cover security, privacy, diversity, fairness, power-balance, non-discrimination, and other requirements.
  • Labeling and certification : Mapping to existing and future regulatory initiatives and standards.

OETP is an application-level protocol for publishing and accessing ethical disclosures. The protocol is based on HTTP transfer of OETP-formatted information about the ethical “postures” of ADMs to allow more transparent, predictable, and safe environments for the end-users. The OETP Disclosure Format is an extensible JSON-based format.

The Internet Draft of the protocol document is available on GitHub

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