Open Ethics Label

Open Ethics Label is the first level of Open Ethics Maturity Model (OEMM), aimed to provide information about your solution to bring transparency and gain trust with your users.

In accordance with EU Comission’s white paper framing an “Ecosystem of Trust”, Open Ethics Label is proposing an answer to the Requirement 5.G. “Voluntary labelling for no-high risk ai applications”.

Under the scheme, interested economic operators that are not covered by the mandatory requirements could decide to make themselves subject, on a voluntary basis, either to those requirements or to a specific set of similar requirements especially established for the purposes of the voluntary scheme. The economic operators concerned would then be awarded a quality label for their AI applications.

The wizzard below allows developers and/or deployers of AI systems to label their solution by voluntarily providing information about the Training Data, Algorithms and Decision Space of their autonomous or semi-autonomous solutions. The automatically-generated label HTML code could be then pasted into a website with zero-effort, providing more transparency to the end-users.

Training Data

Machines learn from data. They find relationships, develop understanding, make decisions, and evaluate their confidence from the training data they’re given. And the better the training data is, the better the machine learning model performs. Providing information about sources of your data may help to identify possible inherent bias.

Source Code

Source code can be proprietary or open, and licensing agreements often reflect this distinction. Access to source code also allows programmers and skilled users to contribute to the community as well as to evaluate privacy and security risks associated with the application logic.

Decision Space

The decision space is the set of all possible decisions that the system can make.

Showcase your transparency

Copy and paste the Open Ethics Label code below into the HTML of your solution’s webpage.