Open Ethics for AI regulation is like Creative Commons for the content. Open Ethics helps to clearly communicate purpose of any AI system and its usage guideline in a standardized and explicit way. It is a global inclusive initiative with the mission to engage citizens, legislators, engineers, and subject-matter experts into a transparent design process of solutions backed by artificial intelligence to make a positive societal impact.

Open Ethics Roadmap

The roadmap is an important component of our strategic initiative to connect the vision to the reality of building community best-practice in the field of Ethical AI. The roadmap highlights the sequence of our strategic initiatives in two dimensions: technology (left) & people (right).

Open Ethics Vector

Ethical decision making should account for points of view (POV) to make decisions traceable and explicable. Point of view is the angle of considering things, which shows us the opinion or criteria of the agent involved in decision making. Open Ethics Vector is the technical means that could be used by Machine Learning algorithms to present different POVs.

Failure Models
Judicial Transparency
Value Alignment
Privacy & Liberty
Shared Benefit
Human Control
Emotional Value
Cross-national Security
Decision Traceability