Robustness & safety in the world of AI.

Open Ethics Series, S01E04

Robustness & safety in the world of AI. (Open Ethics Series, S01E04)
We want to make this event as open and as interactive, as possible and help our participants build their expertise and network.


These are the preliminary topics around which we will be structuring the panel discussion .

  • Threat Intelligence (Intelligent monitoring of attack surface)
  • Mitigation of adversarial attacks (TBD)
  • Failure modes and disclosure (intro to Open Ethics Transparency Protocol)
  • Resiliency in mission-critical systems (case of US National Airspace System)


1) Join Slido to ask questions, vote for them and see survey results during the event. 
event code: #11233
2) Join Discord channel for networking, discussion and links during and after the event.

channel: #oes-s01e04